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Why I Became a Music Teacher

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Hello. My name is Allen Kern, Owner of Senses To Soul School of Music. I would just like to talk about my experience and explain why I became a music teacher and the benefits of music.

I grew up in the church and in a very spiritual family and musical family. It’s like everybody was a preacher, musician, singer, choir director, or all of the above, As I look back to when I was a young boy, I realize that the love of music was a catalyst that brought us together. We often traveled to each others homes to fellowship with eating and singing.

I started out with singing with the sunshine band at church. Us little kids practiced during our class on Sunday nights. We sang, and said speeches during the Easter and Christmas programs. I graduated to the youth choir as a pre-teen. I also began playing saxophone in 7th grade. My parents bought my alto sax from my cousin and enrolled me in private lessons. In high school I joined the beginning band, then concert band. My band teacher was very different from my other teachers. For example, he tutored his band members when we needed help with our music or other subjects. He encouraged us to listen to each other and work together. He got us involved in school-wide and statewide competitions. My first college exposure was at Vandercook College, where he gave me private lessons. It was in band where I learned responsibility, because I was expected to learn my music well: I had to keep up with my music, and to take care of my instrument.

Eventually, I began playing my sax for church. I appreciate my classical experience because it helped me navigate through the songs while I was trying to figure out how to play. I appreciate being at a church that had members that were patient and understanding. I came from a church that cultivated young artists. We had organists, drummers, pianists, bass players, guitar players, conga players, a bunch of singers, and choir directors. Everybody worked together, and nobody got paid, because we realized that music was our gift from God and we used it for His service. However, some moved on to churches for pay, but as they moved on, another had already taken their place. Our church was a well oiled machine. Church was were I grew, I joined began to play with friends in my church Jurisdiction, we formed a State band and traveled a bit.

My musical experiences developed my math and some visual artistic abilities. I decided to study architecture in College, while continuing to study music. In college, I met some great Music Educators. I was mentored by some of the best players in Chicago who introduced me to some of the best players in the world. I also learned about the music education field. After realizing the power of Music and how it could create opportunities for young people, I decided to go into Music Education. I got a degree in performing Arts/Music Education and have been a certified teacher for 18 years.

My mission is to empower people, young and old, by helping to develop their musical gifts to better themselves and their communities.

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Eric Brewer
Eric Brewer
Mar 26, 2020

this brother here is truly blessed and used mightily as a teacher of music and help to those who are like myself financially challenged and Musically challenged I know that LORD will continue to use this brother to his glory.

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